Medical Qigong Classes

There are two parts to our classes. The first part is a moving Qigong and the second part is a quiet Qigong.

Generally, movement Qigong is used to direct the energy or qi of the body in a particular or specific manner.

Quiet Qigong, which has no specific physical movement, is practiced to allow the good, healthy energy (Zheng Qi) to move through the body to allow the body to regulate and heal itself. This is a practice of letting go of the Acquired Mind (Zhi Shen) and allowing the Original Mind (Yuan Shen) to heal what needs to be healed.  The practitioners perception of the movement of energy through the energy channels of the body will increase with practice.

First, we practice a moving form of Qigong called Tong Tian Di Qigong (From the Sky/Heaven Through to the Earth Qigong).

Tong Tian Di Qigong connects us to the universal energy, clears the energy channels of the body and reinforces the main energy centres’ or Dantian of the body.

Tong Tian Di Qigong is based on exercises created during the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD).

Then we do a quiet form of Qigong, Tian Quan Qigong (Sky/Heaven Spring Qigong).

Tian Quan Qigong allows the body to heal itself by allowing the good energy (Zheng Qi) of the body to move through the body freely finding any blockages and removing them. This has no form to it but may bring about movement as the energy moves through the body and meets resistance from blockages.

Everyone has a different experience of Qigong and everyone has their own particular natural ability.

Through the practice of Qigong, we are not seeking to have the same abilities as others but are seeking to find and maximise the expression of the potential within ourselves.

This practice takes approximately two hours. It is best to allow 15 minutes or so after the practice to settle back to normal after the practice; there is no rush to leave.

Location: Sunnynook Community Centre, Corner Sycamore and Sunnynook Drives, Sunnynook, North Shore in the Acacia Room.

Time: Sunday 3.00pm

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and flat soled shoes.

Please Contact Dr. Sunny Lu on 021 236 0691 or 486 4111 for more information or if you wish to attend a class.

Cost is $20 per class




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