Medical Qi Gong in New Zealand

Author: Sunny Lu

-Deputy Chairperson of New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

-Council Member of World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong


Part 1.

My Experience in New Zealand

During more than twelve years of working on Medical Qi Gong in New Zealand, my biggest achievement is helping a lot of patients solve the problems they have had for so many years by using the great and seemingly magical Medical Qi Gong. Although I have never had any advertising, my bookings are full every day. I am in the clinic Monday to Saturday; sometimes I have to cancel my one-hour lunch time for patients coming in for some emergency and sometimes I even have to do extra work on Sunday morning.

I am very busy but I am very happy that Medical Qi Gong can help patients in New Zealand get their health back. Medical Qi Gong has been promoted very well.

New Zealand is a country full of western culture. People have received western medical treatment for hundreds of years and they don’t think about going to see a Chinese doctor when they are sick. However, more than 98% of my patients are local people; most of them have long term health issues and they couldn’t get better for a long time. Some tried acupuncture but it didn’t work for them; then they were introduced by their friends to come to see me and try Medical Qi Gong.

Some people couldn’t sleep at night even though they had sleeping pills; some people were constipated and only went to the toilet once a week or once every two weeks; some felt powerless and found it difficult to do normal things. They had a lot of tests with western doctors but nothing wrong could be found. Some patients had a tumour in their breasts; some had cancer. Some couldn’t walk and depended on a wheelchair for over 10 years. Some patients couldn’t move a part of their body after having a car accident. After coming to my clinic and receiving medical Qi Gong treatment their problems were solved very quickly. They felt different after every treatment. People who couldn’t sleep can now sleep for 6 hours a night. People with constipation for more than fourty years, go to the toilet every day now. People who felt powerless before, now feel more powerful and can have a normal life. People who couldn’t stand up before can stand up again and even try to learn how to walk. People with breast tumours feel no pain anymore and the tumour is gone; people with cancer have recovered. Those people who couldn’t move their arms after a car accident can move them again. The seemingly magical result of Medical Qi Gong has helped the patients find their self-confidence again, helped the patients recover and helped them get their life back on track.

New Zealand is a beautiful and peaceful country. It is a country that embraces a lot of different things and ideas. Most people are very open-minded and they are willing to try different new treatments; as long as the treatment is effective they accept it. Although they do not understand it at the beginning, more and more patients start to know Chinese medicine, Medical Qi Gong, Yin/Yang theory, energy channel theory and acupuncture points after receiving effective treatment and getting the introduction I give to them when they come for treatment. The patients now believe in me greatly because of the good results they get from medical Qi Gong and they have introduced me to their families and friends. Because of the good reputation I now have, I don’t need to do any advertising; local people tell me, “A good reputation is the best advertisement”.

The clinic I work in is in a specialist medical treatment centre in the local area. There are 10 doctors. I am the only Chinese Medical Qi Gong doctor. Most of the doctors and nurses have seen me for treatment when they were sick. Their families and friends come to see me too. Furthermore, they have told some of their patients to come to see me, “Go to see Doctor Sunny,” they said, “Chinese Medical Qi Gong will help you.”

I want to say thank you to all my teachers including Professors Zhongpeng Lin and Qinzeng Fu from when I studied at Medical Qi Gong University and my teacher, Master of Tian Quan Qi Gong, Mr Peizeng Wu. They gave me the knowledge and wisdom I use. Thanks also to the patriarch of Traditional Chinese medicine for giving me a mission with honour.

Now, more and more New Zealanders are willing to get Chinese Medical Qi Gong treatment. The good treatment effects of Chinese Medical Qi Gong help to promote the development of Medical Qi Gong in New Zealand very quickly.


Part 2.

New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

The New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association was started in 1989. It contains members who practice Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and those who study Traditional Chinese Medical treatment. People use the association as a place to learn from each other and share their knowledge of Chinese medicine and well being information.

I started to give patients medical Qi Gong treatment in 2002. Later I went to a local school in Auckland called The New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to teach acupuncture and Qi Gong classes. I also started a Chinese Medical Qi Gong practice class in a community centre to introduce Medical Qi Gong to the public.

A teacher at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of my students. He is also a member of the New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association as well. He introduced me to the association and I became a member of it. Because my treatment technique, the effectiveness of my treatment and my good character are all acknowledged by the association, I was elected as the deputy chairperson of New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association in 2012. At that time I thought because my first language was not English and I was one of the only Chinese members in the association, it was better to have a New Zealander take this position, as it would be easier for them to do the job. They said, Chinese Medical Qi Gong, Kung Fu and Tai Chi are all from China and you are from China too, so you are very suitable for the job. I was touched deeply. There are so many foreigners who like traditional Chinese medicine and well being practice, they dedicate themselves to teaching this knowledge and promoting this culture. As I am Chinese, I should not push this responsibility away so I accepted this position and decided to do a better job with all my friends support.

The New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association holds regular meetings every three months. The chairman gives a report on the progress of the work conducted within that particular time period. The treasurer gives a report on the income and expenses and the membership fees. The secretary gives a report on some important issues, sets up the new targets and the content of our projects. At the end of the meeting we set the date of our next meeting. We have additional meetings if there are big events. The membership fee is $30 NZD per year, per person. This money is used on necessary promotional material and publicity handouts. In our association all the committee work is completely voluntarily. Our meeting time is 7pm on Friday night. Members need to provide their own transport and dinner for themselves. If we go to another city or another country to have meetings we pay for our own tickets and accommodation.

The New Zealand Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association has been holding a “Qi Gong Open Day” to the public for free since 2012. It happens at the same time in both the North and South Islands in New Zealand. At that time, members of the association give an introduction to medical Qi Gong, allow people to have free Medical Qi Gong treatment, teach people how to practice Qi Gong and show some different types of Qi Gong.

All the members have a special knowledge of different fields and know Chinese Medical Qi Gong very well. They all have their own clinics and classes. Based on our effort, Medical Qi Gong has been introduced and promoted widely in New Zealand. More and more New Zealanders are willing to get help and treatment and have an experience of Chinese Medical Qi Gong.

There are currently four members of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in the New Zealand Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association; three are council Members of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong.

Based on the contribution we have made in promoting Medical Qi Gong, the New Zealand Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association has been approved to be the national representative body for and a member country of the World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong in June 2013.

Thank you very much for the support and acknowledgement of the leader and of all the departments of the World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong.

We will now work even harder to spread the practice and knowledge of medical Qi Gong all over the world.



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